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Stalling on 1990 200 tqw

Dear Audiphiles,

I have Mr. Bentley to lean on but before rummaging through the procedures, does anyone recognize the following symptoms:

1. Idle seems about 600rpm without A/C on. Bumps up to about 800-900 with A/C on. Likes to stall when engine is still cold.

2. Seems to stall (even when engine warm) when swinging to the right at low speed into a parking space. (!) Yet, doesn't seem to stall when swinging into a parking space while turning left.(! ! !)

3. Often stalls on decelleration (gear in neutral) while braking to a stop.

Decelleration valve, idle adjustment, O2 sensor or what? Or do the God simply want me to fee a couple of twenties into the intake filter?


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