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Re: Stalling on 1990 200 tqw

Antilles Engineering, Ltd. wrote:
> Dear Audiphiles,
> I have Mr. Bentley to lean on but before rummaging through the
> procedures, does anyone recognize the following symptoms:
> 1. Idle seems about 600rpm without A/C on. Bumps up to about 800-900
> with A/C on. Likes to stall when engine is still cold.
> 2. Seems to stall (even when engine warm) when swinging to the right
> at low speed into a parking space. (!) Yet, doesn't seem to stall when
> swinging into a parking space while turning left.(! ! !)
> 3. Often stalls on decelleration (gear in neutral) while braking to a
> stop.
> Decelleration valve, idle adjustment, O2 sensor or what? Or do the God
> simply want me to fee a couple of twenties into the intake filter?
> Doug
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I've experienced this problem before I think it was a vacuum leak in one
of the hoses near the throttle body. The best way to check this is to
pressurize the intake manifold with approx 15 psi and spray soap on the
suspected areas and watch for bubbles.To pressurize the intake make an
adapter to fit in the hose that attaches to the intercooler.