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Let there be lights

Thanks again to all of you guys for your wisdom.  It sounds like the hot
ticket is Euro lights with bright bulbs, a wiring harness upgrade AND a set
of driving lights.  I do a 40 mile commute along the foothills and in
Colorado it really helps to see those pesky deer BEFORE they jump in front
of you.

Unfortunately, another thing we deal with out here is 7 months of winter.
That is when the road crews get paid by the windshield, headlamp and paint
manufacturers as well as body shops to dump rocks all over the roads and
call it sand.  Did I mention the frequent 80mph + wind storms?

I think I'll try some driving lights, bright bulbs and wiring for now.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ 20V
The perfect car for Colorado - if it only had lights.