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Re: A4 V6 manual rpms @ 80mph

Fluhr writes:
> Can some kind listers with '97 A4 12v V6 and '98 30v V6 FWD and quattro
> with manual transmissions tell me what rpms their engines turn in 5th gear
> at 80mph??
> My father's 1.8tq turns 3625rpms @ 80mph, and Kwong Lau was kind enough
> to report that the FWD version turns 3500rpms @ 80.  My father wants to
> know if perhaps the V6 engines are geared differently, hopefully turning
> under 3200rpm @ 80mph.

I can't test this for you at this moment, but I think that my 96 A4q 2.8
revs somewhere around 3500 at 80mph.  Now, the V6 is so smooth, you
can't hear it at all while cruising at those speeds.  In fact, at
virtually any highway speed the tires make more noise than the engine.
The only time that the engine makes itself heard is at low speeds and
when you really put your foot down.

I think this is where the refinement of the V6 becomes a contrast to
the four.  Despite its great power potential of the 1.8T, turbo and all,
a four is a four and lacks the suaveness of the V6...

96 A4 2.8 quattro
84 5000S 2.1 turbo
80 4000 2.0
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