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What happening now? - The Answer

In message <UPMAIL13.199708132058390615@msn.com> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> Got some more mist tonight.
> I've just pulled the number 5 plug (opposite end to the timing belt, right?)
> and the cylinder has got coolant in it.

This is the classic recent head gasket failure.  There _is_ a bad batch, or
a bad aftermarket.  The right waterway (looking back from the front of the
engine) will have failed into #5. Remember me suggesting #5 in my first post?

Ten quid to a pint of Newkie that the gasket currently installed was _NOT_ made
by Elring Dichtungswerke, Fellbach.

One night last autumn, John Coughtrie rang my doorbell.  He had left his house
4 miles south of here (at the time - he now lives in Worcester) on his way to
the RAC rally, and the steam gremlin got him just south of the village.  Could
he leave his car in my garage ...

> This is going to be the first time that I've done anything big to an Audi
> engine, with logic, the advice on the list, the documents that I've got, and
> sacrifices to the Audi Gods
> I'll see how things go.

Yup, it's a goodie.  Call John and let him talk you through the "low lift"
procedure developed by Aelred down at Dialynx.  It's a bit different with an
MB, because removing the hydraulic pump nominally requires removing the
auxiliary radiator - the pivot bolt will not clear the bracket.  WR owners
should give thanks to the Audi gods.  Martin at BR Motorsport has found a way
round this, and I'd love to see if I've sussed out his trick correctly.

The "low lift" procedure lets you swap out the head gasket without fully
removing the head - the manifolds remain attached and the camshaft stays in
place.  Done properly, it's a six hour procedure.  The timing belt has to be
slipped off the camshaft pulley, though. If you have lifter rattle or suspect
the camshaft oil seal, NOW is the time to swap these.  Order a rubber cam cover
gasket at the same time.

> Can anybody confirm the head bolt tightening sequence, this is what I've got :
>          9    5   3   1   7   11
> Front
>         12   8   2   4   6   10

Forget it.  You'll need a new gasket, and the tightening sequence is printed on
the label.   Several sequences are valid.

OK - I'm game.  We'll need a new gasket, a set of head bolts, an engine lift
(the head with manifolds attached is ****ing heavy, and a garage.  My
preference is to put the car on ramps to start with.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club