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Dialynx Camshaft and other misc stuff

     Any list members tried, or heard comments about the cam shaft Dialynx 
     do for the turbo I5 (apparently it makes the engine run more smoothly 
     - more like Lexus?). They have both a solid lifter WR/WX and hydraulic 
     lifter MC/MB cams 220GBP. Is this truly a cam shaft designed 
     specifically for the turbo engine?
     I also asked Aelred abouth the air-charge intercooler. These are built 
     in small batches it's 500GBP for the setup and it requires the aux rad 
     is moved to infront of the main rad. If you want to go with their 
     double capacity aluminium rad it's another 290GBP, fairly comparable 
     to the Griffin rad Sportwheels do. 
     When Audi homolgated the I5 engine in the ur-q for the WRC in the 
     early '80s did they manufacture show room ur-qs with the alloy block 
     engine? What are the adavntages of the alloy block, I'm thinking weght 
     saving (how much?) and fewer broken EM studs:) Does anyone know how 
     many they had to build to homolgate it? It's a bit of a long shot, but 
     does anyone know if there are any alloy blocks available? Does the 20V 
     turbo have an alloy block?
     Thanks and regards, Mike