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Re: Alloy block on ur-q's

Mike Hopton wrote
>      When Audi homolgated the I5 engine in the ur-q for the WRC in the
>      early '80s did they manufacture show room ur-qs with the alloy block
>      engine? What are the adavntages of the alloy block, I'm thinking weght
>      saving (how much?) and fewer broken EM studs:) Does anyone know how
>      many they had to build to homolgate it? 

Mike et al....

Alloy block was homolog. on December 1st 1981.  Weight saving was
First used on Tour de Corse 1982, Mikkola, Mouton, and Wittmann.  Don't
know how many were manufactured, only seen it described as a 'goodly
batch', and they were phased into production-line cars at the
appropriate moment.  Apparently improves weight distribution and
handling balance.

George Harrison
County Kildare,

'85 ur-q
'86 80 Sport