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Re: Unconfirmed propaganda... "Inane thread of the week"

Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:
> In the old Soviet Union there was an auto race, between the USA
> and the USSR.  Two cars.  The USA car won, USSR's car got second.
> Pravda reported, "the USSR's car came in second, the USA's car
> finished next to last".
> Royal

I used to laugh at this joke when I lived in the USSR. Now I live in the USA 
and laugh at the American mass media, who's typical reports during the 
recent Olympic Games in Atlanta sounded like this:
"our boys were doing wery well, the struggle was hot and intense and they 
would've definetely won, but a vexatious misfortune caused them to take an 
honorable 17th place":):):)
Naturally, the first place went to a Russian team, about which a very scarce 
comment would've been made.

Also, American mass media traditionally does not cover the types of sports 
(and their name is legion) where Americans don't win, and/or which they did 
not invent.

The moral of this tale: mass media stinks internationally.

Also, as far as the *horray-patriotism* goes, the USA quite successefully 
rival the USSR. Quite easily observed by a traned eye of somebody, who has 
lived in both countries. A number of my fellow-country men on the list would 
probably confirm this.


Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - on order
Philadelphia, PA
before '89:
Leningrad, USSR