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RIPP Audi for sale?

Ross Esposito              rippmods@rapidramp.net               

Hello guys how are you?
What a project! 
Since the magazine the car has an Audi sport 
turbo,more head work,3core radiator,Andial 
intercooler gauge,air/fuel gauge,a kevlar/brass/-
ceramic puck style clutch,and Boge PRO gas struts
 with custom race valving.

If anyone wants to make an ofter please E-mail me 
or call.
I think it's still posted on the net if you want to see 
The car still has AC and power seats and still gets 
between 19-23 around town and 20-27 on the road.
Really all that  has to be done to make it a daily 
driver is paint it and not that much of it.