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More: Buying advice - 200 QWagon

Well, I am now seriously considering buying the 1990 200 Q wagon and
will make an offer on 
Monday.  I drove it on Saturday and compared to my 1990 100 with the
slush box it is 
fantastic. Going to 5000 rpm for gear changes is easy.

My last question is, my manula says that the 2.2 turbo engine yields
about 162 bhp.  That seems
kind of low. In European car TAP offers a chip and boost upgrade that
would add 62bhp.  Is this
pretty much through out the rpm range or only at the top end.

Anybody know how the 1990 200 QW would compare with a BMW 525iT in terms
performance.  that is the 189bhp bmw wagon ?  That is another that I am
although they do not come in awd.