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Re: A8 weight

At 01:57 AM 8/18/97 -0400, ScharfR@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 97-08-18 00:18:32 EDT, elprofe@mail.isla.net (julio)
><< Does anybody know how much weight the "space frame" of the AUDI A8? >>
>I haven't seen a number for the bare-naked space frame. However, a full A8
>body-in-white (Rohbau) would seem to weigh about 350 kg, including all the
>body sheet metal.  I derive this from a statement by Audi AG at the time of
>the A8's launch to the effect that the body was about 40% lighter than a car
>of comparable size and performance built with a conventional steel monocoque.
>This 40% savings was said to represent about 140 kg. Ergo...

I've seen a number for it.  As far as I can remember, the 'early' versions
(5 years ago) were weighing in at 35 kg.  The book I have also showed the
ASF being carried by two women.

>One should remember that the Audi Space Frame was designed to be a marvel of
>light weight construction but also a marvel of safety and crashworthyness.
> Thus, it was not built down to a weight target, rather up to a safety
>target. Given the conservative nature of engineers who design crash
>structures, I suspect that the current A8 is on the "porky" side for an
>aluminum car. It's likely that a next-generation design could be made
>substantially lighter.

Audi's technology is and won't be proprietary for long.  Apparently Alcoa
is working with other, anonymous manufacturers on incorporating the new
aluminum manufacturing techniques into their vehicles.  So there will soon
be more aluminum competetion.

- Josh Pinkert
- flush@radix.net