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AC warm, cold, warm, cold. Normal?

Over the weekend here in Massachusetts, it was hot. Really hot. And humid.
On Saturday my wife and I took a trip which was maybe 20 minutes highway
followed by 5 or 10 minutes city driving with stop and go.

While at speed (on the highway) the AC was cranking just fine. Outside temp
was reading mid 90's, climate control was set to about 70.

When we got off the highway and were sitting at lights, the outside temp
read between 100 and 104 (which I realize is partly due to the heat of the
engine compartment) and the AC was blowing either mildly cool or downright
warm air. As soon as we started moving again, the AC air got cold.

I chalk this all up to how hot and humid it was outside. But I'm wondering
if this behavior is normal, given the conditions, or if there another problem?

I do have a hose on order for a slight coolant leak, but the leak was
repaired as best as could be done (tighted a clamp) until the new hose
arrived. The AC seems to work just fine otherwise, so I doubt its the
compressor or the refrigerant.

Anyway, any ideas, or confirmation that this was normal behavior, much

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