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Re: AC warm, cold, warm, cold. Normal?

At 09:55 AM 8/18/97 -0700, Scott M. wrote:
>Here is one possibility regarding your A/C problem.
>You didn't mention what type of Audi you have,

Oops. Sorry. I have a '94 90 CS Quattro.

> but most A/C
>systems turn on the low speed electric radiator fan when
>the A/C compressor is engaged. The fan is required to keep
>air moving over the A/C condenser to allow the hot
>refrigerant gas coming out of the compressor to have the
>heat removed from it and convert it to  a high pressure
>liquid. If the radiator fan is not turned on when A/C
>compressor is engaged, and the car is not moving, the high 
>side pressure will skyrocket and many times there is a high
>pressure switch that will disconnect the compressors
>electric clutch when the high side pressure gets to high. 
>When the car is moving there is enough air flow over the
>condenser to keep the system functioning normally.
>The 5000/200/100 Audis have a large resistor pack that
>provides the voltage drop for the low and medium speed
>radiator fan operation. Sometimes these resistors burn out
>and prevent low or medium speed operation.

Thanks, Scott. Very interesting.

One other thing I forgot to mention was that during the times when the AC
was blowing warm air, when I hit the recirculate button on the climate
control, the symbol would blink on, then off (and stay off). Under less
stressful operating conditions the recirc works just fine.

So, maybe there is a problem with the resistor pack. I'll have that looked
at too.


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