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Seat heater console backlights

I think this one is simple. Just looking for confirmation.

On my '94 90CS Quattro, equipped with heated seats, there are two controls
on the center console, one for each seat.  The seat w/ wavy lines symbol on
the console (over each control wheel) is backlit.

Currently, with the car running (but the headlights OFF), the driver side
seat heater symbol's backlight is (unexpectedly) ON (i.e. it appears
backlit) and the passenger side symbol's backlight is OFF. I would expect
both to be off when the headlights are off.

With the headlights on, the backlighting is unchanged. That is, the
driver's side heated seat control symbol is backlit and the passenger side
symbol is not.

No other console or dash lights appear to be malfunctioning.

Would I be correct in assuming that the bulb in the passenger side control
is burned out? Or is it the whole switch?  Is the driver side light on as
an indicator that the passenger side switch or bulb is broken? Or is that
an indicator of something worse?

I have no means of testing the bulb or switch (I'm not really a do it
myself kind of guy). But maybe this is something I could do myself. How
hard is it to remove those switches?

Thanks in advance.


P.S. Thanks to everyone that responded to my question yesterday concerning
my AC. Lots of great ideas that I'll have my dealer look into. I much
prefer to walk in and say "Check the frombatz connector" instead of "My AC
doesn't work." :-)

P.P.S. On a slightly unrelated note... Given that I'm not really into
fixing cars myself, but would be willing to try simple stuff (e.g. switches
and that sort of thing), would havnig the Bently manuals for the car be
enough to do small stuff correctly and with confidence? I've never seen a
Bently manual (for anything) but from what I read here, it sounds like they
contain not only schematics for the car but also removal and replacement
instructions for everything. Is that correct? (So, assuming that's true, if
I had the Bently manual for my car, it'd be easy to see how easy or
difficult getting at the seat heater switches would be, right?)  Thanks!

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