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1991 CQ is sold...

Rather than reply to everyone individually, I figured I'd post a message
here ... the '91 CQ I bought Tuesday has tentatively been sold to a friend
whose car was totalled Tuesday afternoon.  It would have been nice if I
could have sold it to another Q-list member who might appreciate it more but
a friend-in-need, etc ... sorry, folks.

(BTW, this whole thing has been a weird experience for me ... not only was
this the first time I bought a car sight-unseen, it's the first time I've
sold one that actually runs [every other Audi I've owned has been sold in
pieces or stripped for parts] and it's the first time I've ever made money
in the process ... oops, I take that back as I made a few bucks on the
wrecked '91 200qw I picked up a couple of years ago.  I may have to do this
again someday...)
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