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RE: Coupe running hot....and TAP chip mpg

My guess would be your hot engine compartment and crummy mileage have
something to do with revised timing as a result of your new chip. Ned
told me years ago that the easiest way to get more HP out of an atmo
Audi motor is to play with timing, confirmed by Peter Wales a couple of
years later. My guess would be that your new chip pushes the timing
envelope a little too far, maybe allowing unburned fuel to burn in the
exhaust header on its way out?
-Ian Duff.
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	I've noticed my CQ running a tad hotter than normal over the
past couple of
	weeks.  BUT, the funny thing is that engine feels A LOT hotter
and the hood
	seems much hotter to the touch.  And the radiator seems
exteamely hot, burn
	your hand hot.  But as I said, the temp gauge reads only
slightly hotter than
	normal.  The rad fan seems to be fine and Oil temp seems within
normal range
	(~60 C).  What do you all think?  Thermostat? Gremlins? My

	BTW, my city milage has dropped from 21 with AC down to 17-18
now that I have
	installed the TAP chip.  I hope this will improve when I put in
a new O2
	sensor next week.   I'll keep you posted.  

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