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Sunroof Lube Tip

My new (to me) 5ktq had the usual bogging sunroof problems (to the point of
not closing without manual "help") resulting from dried up and sticky grease.
Normaly I deal with this by cleaning the rails and re-lubing with synthetic
bicycle grease (cuz it doesn't gum up like lithium grease and lasts longer
then silicon spray.) This time I tried using this new "dry" bicycle chain
lube called White Lightning. It goes on liquid and dries, doesn't attract
dirt, and just flat works (on bike chains.) Low and behold it worked
wonderfully on the sunroof rails and there is no apparent lubrication
build-up at all! The sunroof is as speedy and smooth as I have ever seen on
an Audi! I also think this stuff might be great for an antenna lube too.
Available at most bike shops, and many of you fellow cyclists out there
prolly already have it. Costs about 6 bucks for what would be a lifetime
supply for sunroof and antenna use. HTH

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq
85 4ksq (looking for new owner and will be officialy "for sale" in about a