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All German Car Show.

In message <90DC6C03D897D011ADA900805FC190036CCBBF@freedom.charter.com> "Duff, Ian" writes:

> What are you going to leave off to make your ur-q "lightly-loaded"?

> Seems every time you regale us it involves pulling a fiche reader, or
> some obscure tool, or some combination, out of the boot of your ur-q.
> Oh, now, wait, could you be going in someone else's?

"Lightly loaded" means I leave the battery pack, drills, angle grinder
and the fuel injection tools at home.  The standard toolkit is _always_
in the car, as some poor lad discovered last Thursday at the Plough.

And the advantage of microfiche is its small size ...

By-the-by, John Robinson came over today in his MB.  He has a most
curious problem - it won't get to redline in third up a modest hill.
It passes the standard third gear boost and acceleration test, but at
around 5000-5200 rpm it starts to slow down markedly.  It _crawls_
to 6000, and won't go above it even on a gentle uphill.

The warm-up regulator, metering head and WOT switch are new.  The
injectors have been cleaned and refitted with new seals.  Boost is
slightly higher than stock and stable.  The breathers and hoses are as
tight as a duck's arse.  I've swapped in my spare ECU with zero effect.
We've tried Shell and BP petrol, and done a pump flow test (1100cc in 30
seconds) and standard pressure tests.  I suspect it's swapping maps at
or below 5000 rpm, but I can't work out why.  No codes are being stored,
though he says he does get a light sometimes when it's cold.  I've asked
him to pull it next time.

The next thing I want to check is the intake air temperature sender.

Anyone got any other ideas?  UK car, of course, so no OXS.

 Phil Payne
 Phone: +44 385302803  Fax: +44 1536723021  CIS: 100012,1660