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RE: s6

However, there was a press announcement that was put up on Jets A4 
organization that said the twin-turbo v-6 is going into the S4!  SO, maybe 
Audi feels that the class is a V08 class?  Like the big E-class models and the 

Jon Linkov
'96 A4q

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Sent: 	Wednesday, August 20, 1997 8:58 PM
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Subject: 	re: s6

i find it interesting that the s6 is going to be powered by a v8 instead
of a twin turbo v6.  perhaps that's because the v8 is completely debugged
while the 30V v6 is not?

i recently took a trip across mountainous country (all across, BC, into
alberta, back through montana and idaho) and the lack of a turbo at high
altitudes was never more sorely missed.

as for the 5 valve V8 it would make perfect sense from a consolidation
point of view.  i'm sure it would be cheaper for them to design and build
5V heads across the range rather than to have a mix.