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RE: Latest on Audi from Automotive News

Great, so we get a meager powered car that can't really be tuned (as the 12- 
and 30-valve cars show) except for the exhaust and maybe some other minor 
things, just to weigh down the lineup and send people to the VW dealer, when 
all that we really could ask for (DESIRE?) may not be coming here in my 
lifetime (S4).  Great.

Jon Linkov
'96 A4q

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Subject: 	re: Latest on Audi from Automotive News

>A4:  A 165-horsepower V-6 version will be introduced by year end in
>Europe and will reach North America late next year.

Will the turbo be dropped? I don't think there is enough market in the
US for another A4. The price would have to fall between the the turbo
and the 30v and that is a narrow price range.

And the new Passat adds to the problems.

Also, the Kelly Blue Book has a listing for a 98 A6 wagon, no sedan yet.
Would Audi sell the old wagon (w/ 12v engine) alongside the new A6 as a
98 since the new chassis wagon will not be here for another year?