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RE: Maine Forest Rally

<<Toward the end their mom allowed new tires and they advanced
tremendously and got ahead of Carl Merril. Compared to Marril's car Audi
was crap. It was only increadible driving skills of Frank that worked
mirakles here.>>

Good point.  Carl Merrill has the money to afford this $250K rocket, but
he obviously isn't a very good driver.  Although I musts imply applaud
him just for being out there running...as it does make things
interesting to have cars such as the Escort Cozzie out there as well as
the Mitsubishi Lancer.

<<If they could afford a proper gear box that would not even be an

I agree...but at $6K USD or more for a 6-speed, or $8-$10K for a SMS
5-speed rally tranny, one becomes more incline to have just a good
supply of 5-speeds on hand until the funds become available.  Just take
it easy on the take off in first gear though =)...

<<Somobody recomended adding Coca Cola with break fluid which they did
and it helped>>

That old racer's trick does wonders doesn't it...

<<Some people think that Frank and Danny alsow know these roads well
which is apparent from their driving style.>>

I would hope so, being as they are so dominant in the Winter Rally