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Turbo Problems - Codes

In message <> Dave Head writes:

> >I think I know how to access codes (fuel pump relay) however i don't have a
> >list of what the codes mean -  any idea where I can find them?
> Bentley - I'll dig them out...

These are the MB ur-quattro codes - I think the 87CSQ is similar if not 

Code Source            Possible cause          Check

1111 Control Unit      Defective processor     Replace unit

2111 RPM sender        Open or short circuit,
                       defective sensor        Sensor & cables

2112 Timing sender     As RPM, or flywheel
                       peg mislocated          Sensor & 
                                               flywheel peg

2113 Hall sender       As RPM, or distributor
                       mislocated              Sensor &

2121 Idle switch       As RPM, or switch stuck 
                       in position             Switch and cabling

2123 Full load switch  As idle switch          As above

2141 Knock regulator   Fuel octane too low     Compression,
                                               injection, boost

2142 Knock sensor      Open or short circuit,
                       defective sensor        Sensor and cabling

2221 Vacuum hose       Vacuum hose to
                       controller defective    Check hose

2222 Pressure sensor   Control unit's pressure
                       sensor defective        Replace unit

2312 Coolant sensor    Open or short circuit,
                       defective sensor        Sensor and cables

2322 Inlet air temp.   As above                As above

2214 Over-revved       Engine has exceeded
                       rev limit               Driver

2224 Excess boost      Wastegate or pressure   Wastegate and 
                       tubing                  plumbing

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club