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MicrFiche Syncro parts


I would really be interested in a copy of the fiches, so I hope you go
ahead with the copies.

FYI, I work for an aircraft manufacturer (Embraer of Brazil), and perhaps I
can help find some way to read them, even if it may mean transforming their
content into digital (CD-ROM or files) or hard copy format.  In Brazil we
may have computers that can make the conversion.

If you would like me to look into this, please let me know.

As far as the 2.3 liter displacement, I suggest you check to see what the
bore and stroke measurements are in the fiche (if available), as they may
be referring to the 2.22 liter as 2.3 for conveneince.



1986 Syncro Quantum modified and improved

> From: Derek Daily <ddaily@SMTPGW.MITSUICOMTEK.COM>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Some thing's Fiche-ee
> Date: Friday, August 22, 1997 4:58 PM
> A Big-Time Thank You should go out to our friend in Finland.
> Received the VW Passat Parts fiche & checked it out very briefly
> yesterday.
> (1)  Diagrams are fantastic.  Will help solve many questions/problems
> much, much easier than Bentley could even with instruction (for the
> Syncro anyway).
> (2)  Of course the fiche size creates a dilemna.  Haven't found a
> reader that will make copies while easily accomodating the larger
> format.  Can kind of get around this by placing the fiche only part
> of the way in to a smaller reader/copier, but this may cause some
> wrinkles to the fiche.  At question is whther I should continue with
> this method for 200+ copies, or should I look for larger readers
> elsewhere?
> (3)  VW / Audi Part List.  Once these copies are made, I would
> imagine it may be beneficial to cross reference these parts with
> those from the Audi side?  Certainly many of the same parts are
> used...not sure if VW offers them at lower rates.  I know we talked
> about doing this, so any people who may wish to assist are certainly
> welcomed.
> (4)  Now the fiche-ee part.  The fiche only shows two available
> engines (in my brief look)...a 2.0l & a 2.3l 5 cyl.(?)  Where is the
> 2.2l?  
> Please offer your suggestions for continuation with the fiche copies.
> Derek D
> 86 VW Qtm Syncro
> San Mateo, CA