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Fuel leak 20vt

This is weird, I posted this twice yesterday as,"Help, Gremlins
strike:Fuel leak 20vt" but it didn't come back on the list.

This morning I went outside, started up the '91 200 tq, got out with the
motor still running and heard a rattle. Open the hood and there is
gasoline dripping from the fuel pressure regulator at about 2 drops per
second. Quickly turned off the motor. Got fire extinguisher. Started
motor again. Rattle still there. Leak gone. Not wanting to risk an
engine fire I decided to drive the old reliable "CYBR ACE" (CA vanity
plates on my white '86 4kq) to breakfast. Came back several hours later
and start the 200 again, no leak. I took the vacuum line off the
regulator and no fuel came out, so I think the diaphram is ok. My best
guess is that the fuel return line between the injector bar and the
regulator has an intermittent leak as it does have about an inch of
rubber hose without steel braiding, but it remains 100% dry on the

Any ideas where the leak might be?

BTW, the rattle is the distributer. OK, who was it that was asking me
about distributer bushings last week? You hexxed me. :)