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Ec's GTI Giveaway

	It would appear that EC is having problems getting people to buy tickets
for their raffle. Though I am not the biggest fan of EC, it is for a good
cause and all proceeds go to a good cause. If you want to order a ticket
Direct Involvement
7 Colby Court
Suite #4-297
Bedford, New Hampshire 03110

	The prize is a GTI VR6 and $10K worth of mods from any given advertiser in
EC. I forget how much the ticket was, but call the number and they'll give
send one to you. Personally I'd sell the GTI and put the $10K in mods in my
own cars, but that's just me. 
PS pass this on to the other internet listservers that might be interested
like the Scirocco, Jetta, Porsche or BMW lists etc or whatever you guys are
on. I sent it to all the lists I am on.
	The date of the giveaway is in question right now because ticket sales are
lacking. I got a letter in the mail today that says it may even be pushed
back to '98  (thus a '98 GTI) or cancelled in the case of not enough ticket