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Re: Ec's GTI Giveaway

"George Achorn" <coolidge@tidalwave.net> noted:

          It would appear that EC is having problems getting people to buy 
     tickets for their raffle. Though I am not the biggest fan of EC, it is for 
     a good cause and all proceeds go to a good cause. If you want to order a 
     ticket contact:
     Direct Involvement
     7 Colby Court
     Suite #4-297
     Bedford, New Hampshire 03110
          The prize is a GTI VR6 and $10K worth of mods from any given 
     advertiser in EC. I forget how much the ticket was, but call the number and 
     they'll give send one to you. Personally I'd sell the GTI and put the $10K 
     in mods in my own cars, but that's just me. 
          The date of the giveaway is in question right now because ticket sales 
     are lacking. I got a letter in the mail today that says it may even be 
     pushed back to '98  (thus a '98 GTI) or cancelled in the case of not enough 
     ticket sales. 

Recently the Manchester [NH] Union Leader newspaper had a story about a 
non-existant GTI raffle that is under investigation by the State Attorney 
General's office.  I hope this is not the same raffle.  Perhaps the low ticket 
sales have been influenced by the notoriety.

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