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Re: struts

Hairy green toads from Mars made Lee Levitt say:

> Aside from the money issue, which is the better shock for all around usage?
> Normally, I'd buy the Bilsteins because of the lifetime warranty (has paid
> for the difference in the past), but I don't expect to keep this particular
> car for more than another 2 years (upgrading to A6 quattro in the plans...).
> But I'd really like to know if one is "better" (and why, of course...)
> Also, how do the Boge Pro Gas compare to the OEM shocks. I gather that Boge
> *are* original equipment...but are they the Pro Gas?

The OEM shocks are Boge, but not gas; they are hydraulic.

I love the Boge Turbo Gas and Pro Gas shocks. I was really pissed
that I could not make them fit my 100Q. I settled for a set of
Koni Red Adjustables, which are OK, but not great. I'm getting
the Pro Gas for Angela's 90Q20V.

As for Bilsteins, they don't make them for my 100Q either :-(,
but in my old Rabbit Diesel I found them stiff enough to rattle
the teeth right out of your skull. Maybe they'd be better in a
heavier car like the Audi.


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