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Re: 2WD v. AWD

Hairy green toads from Mars made Mark Trank say:

> Can anyone give me a quick and definitive response to the following:  a 
> local mechanic recently opined to me that the quattro system operates (in 
> normal mode) in front-wheel drive; only when activated (i.e., 
> differential activated) does the four wheel drive mode kick in.  I 
> understand differently --that quattro is AWD at all times but that you 
> have the ability to direct more power/traction to the front or rear 
> wheels when activating the front/rear differential.

Absolutely wrong (the mechanic, that is).

Quattros (with the newer systems) default to 25% at each wheel.
The rear diff lock only locks the two rear wheels together to
provide extra stability for unsticking yourself if needed.

The older systems (with 3 diff locks) could allow most combinations
of wheels locked together.

But, at all times, this is an AWD car.


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