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Re: ?sdrawkcaB

> I've been wondering for a while about the practice here of spelling the names
> of other makes of car backwards: WMB, ovloV, etc. I've never seen this in any
> other circles--is it something that only QListers do? How'd it get started? Is
> it supposed to mean something, or is it just for grins?

.suoigatnoc si erus ti tub detrats tog ti woh wonk t'nod I

.tsiser t'ndluoc I tub ,WB eht rof yrroS

hsubliH kraM
DM ,eromitlaB
qk4 78

.relpmis ton tub ,elbissop sa elpmis sa edam eb dluohs gnihtyrevE
        -- nietsniE treblA