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Engine cutting out.


My name is Joe Lowe and I bought an '89 UR quattro 10 valve (MB engine) 
three months ago.  The car has covered a total of 51500 miles (1500 since I 
bought it) and is completely standard.  I had an unusual fault  with the car 
the other day and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what might have 
caused the problem.

The circumstances of the fault are as follows:  It was at night around 10pm, 
 I had driven approximately 3 miles from cold. I was following another car 
down a country road at between 35-40 mph.  The oil and water temperatures 
indicated that the car was now warm so I decided to overtake.  I changed 
down from 4th into 3rd, pulled out and accelerated.  When the turbo came in 
the car took off as though it was in first gear and accelerated viciously 
much faster than it should have done.  After approximately 2-3 seconds of 
 this vicious acceleration the engine cut out just as viciously with a real 
jolt on the transmission, the rev counter read out went out (as if the red 
line had been reached) and the speedometer was reading 60 mph.  My initial 
reaction was to go for fourth gear as I thought I had hit the rev limiter. 
 The engine then came back to life just as normal and continued to 
accelerate as normal from 60 mph in fourth gear.  Luckily I had just passed 
the other car when this happened so this did not cause any problems on the 
road.  The car performed as normal for the rest of the journey, another 5 
miles and still continues to function normally a week later.  I can find 
nothing visually wrong with the car under the bonnet.

This may have no bearing on this fault but this is for further info: I had 
to buy a new battery a week earlier as the original had gone flat, so the 
car had no power for about 12 hours.

My questions are, has any one experienced this type of fault or knows of 
this problem ?

Is this a bug in the management system ?

Is this a safety feature to stop the engine blowing up when there is too 
much boost ?

I thank you for your replies in advance.

Joe Lowe.