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Alloy engine in Sports?

Phil roused my curiosity with his recent comments about the alloy motor not
being fitted to the sport. So after his latest post re listing on the fiche
has made me check my fiche.

Unfortunately all I can do is cloud the water. On my fiche I have parts
listed for the GV, MB, WX, WR, WR allum engine, KW, and KW allum engine.
There is no part# for the KW alloy block, lots of #'s for bolts & 035 198
151D 1 set of piston rings 79.50mm KW fuer alten alu - ztl block. Now I
dont pretend to speak German, but it sure looks like they made the sport
motor in alloy to me.

doesnt mean it got fitted to a road car but


John Firkins