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Removing V8 interior door

 -=> David Lancaster appeals to us with <=-

 DL> Can anyone on the list advise me how to remove the interior driver's =
 DL> door handle of my V8Q (to get the entire trim off to reconnect the
 DL> lock = barrel to the central locking....).

 DL> The handle has three small holes on the underside leading to some =
 DL> metallic fastenings which appear to hold it in place. How are these =
 DL> fastenings released.

    If my memory serves me, you have to put a long (size 6-10mm???)
    allen wrench into the holes under the armrest and fish for the
    allen head screws.  The rest is standard Audi, single screw for
    door handle itself, clamp washers etc. One thing that usually
    helps is to use a magnetic screwdriver.

    If you ever have to change the lock itself (half moon clips
    have a tendency to snap), remove the window frame, I've
    done it both with the frame attached and removed...removed
    is MUCH better.



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