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re: distributer clacking

You wrote:

<<<A very knowledgeable Mark Hagen at Andersen-Behl Audi says that the
rattling distributer noise in my '91 200 20vtq is caused by a loose
timing belt. Can anyone verify this?  I'll check the timing belt as soon
as time permits.

I was approached by an audi mechanic (working for Audi of America???) while
at the Mt. Washington hillclimb.  We chatted briefly about my '91 200q, and
he said that the only problem I may encounter (?only?!) would be that the
chain that connects the two overhead cams may stretch, causing a rattling
sound.  He said "don't let them convince you to remove the head to replace
the chain, it's difficult but it can be worked off the back..." or some such,
don't remember exactly.  That would be my guess for the rattle.  Let us know
what you find; 
Chris Miller
'91 200q, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com