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Re: distributer clacking

C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:
> You wrote:
> <<<A very knowledgeable Mark Hagen at Andersen-Behl Audi says that the
> rattling distributer noise in my '91 200 20vtq is caused by a loose
> timing belt.
[..] would be that the
> chain that connects the two overhead cams may stretch, causing a rattling
> sound. ....

	Hmm ... I have what I could call a rattle, but only for a very
	narrow rpm range (somewhere between 2K and 3K, I'd guess). Doesn't
	sound too serious (not a death-rattle, hopefully:-)) -- almost as if
	some loose part was resonating. I tried briefly to locate it, but
	without success.

	Is this the rattle in question?


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