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83' 5000 turbo engine

Thanks to everyone who replied to my question regarding the 83' turbo
motor.  After weighing the options, I think I may drop the 83' engine into
my car because of the cheap price I can get one for.  ANd it sounds easier
to do than the newer computer controlled engines with the water cooled
turbos.  How is the reliability differences between the 83' and the 86'+
cars.  Are the new ones alot better or not.  I am on a budget and have
limited resources.  How hard is the computer change that has to be done if
you get the newer 2.3 liter turbo.  Is that real hard to do.  Oh, and what
about the different airbox in the turbo motor.  How do you make it fit in
the 4000q.  ANd finally, how hard would it be to reliable get 200hp out of
the old 83' engine or is about 180 hp a more reasonable goal.  
	Oh, and how hard is it to add an intercooler to the old 2.1 liter
engine.  Thanks.

			84' 4000q