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Re: 83' 5000 turbo engine

Hello O-so knowledgeable list,
	I have some more questions for everyone.
	Well, I have found a car.  It is a 5000 turbo.  It is the old
body style that looks like a 4000.  WHen did this body stop being made?
Anyhow, the guy says it is a 1981.  DId they have a turbo in 1981?  It
looks like it has an intercooler behind the grille.  I found the oil
cooler so I am assuming the unit I saw was an intercooler.  It was the
same size as most of the ones I have seen.  WHat gives.  Is he just wrong
on the year or is it an upgraded engine?  The VIN # is WAUHCO43XBN020760 .
Do you know how to tell which engine it is from that.  I think it is the H
or C that determines that.  That is what it is on the 4000 but I dont have
a book for this car.  ANyhow, the engine runs, but not real well.  It has
been parked for about 2 years so it could just be bad gas or something.
Started right up and idled nicely.  No noticable smoke, Well, I think I
may have seen a little when I would floor it.  ONly problem is when I
would floor it it bogged down.  I un-did the oil cap and it died right
away.  I put it back, restarted and then tried it with pulling the oil
dipstick.  It still died but a little slower.  On Monday I think I will
go out there with some good gas and a compression gauge and try again.
May bring some spark plugs too.  Does it use the same ones as the 4000 or
are they a different heat range?
	This car is only $500.  THe guy has a really nice 1994
Audi 90 quattro.  He also has a Porsche 924 Turbo and another turbo car he
says.  Cant remember what the other one is so I hope it was taken good
care of when he owned it.
	At any rate.  I just wanted some input on this car.  IF you are
new to this post then I am thinking of taking the engine and putting it in
my 4000q.  Weeeeee!   Also, the car is an Auto.  This change anything.
DIfferent thrush washer maybe back by the flywheel.  Do I use the clutch
out of my 4000.  WHich flywheel?  

		Todd Phenneger
		84' 4kq