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urq and recaro brand leather.

In message <970826141723_-866182203@emout05.mail.aol.com> AudiQtroCp@aol.com writes:

> I can't wait to see what kind of greetings this one brings me.

The only theme that recurs more frequently than the "What is an ur-quattro?" 
and Recaro themes is the "What is this group for?" theme.

Followed closely by a/c controllers, ovloVs, ...

BTW - the UK Owners Club lost a member and gained an "Enthusiast" member last 
weekend.  Paul Beaurain totalled his almost pristine white ur-quattro against a 
marshall's post at the Castle Coombe track day.  He's OK - but the passenger 
door is occupying the space previously occupied by the parking brake.  Another 
case of quattro physics - four times zero is just the same as two times zero, 
especially once you're on the wet grass. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club