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Syncro Problem..Help -Reply

RE:  Spinning Start Noise
Mine did have the same problem, but I have not heard it for quite
some time.
Interestingly, this problem was occurring at the same time as my
other starting problems.
They don't seem at all related, but when I replaced my battery & fuel
pump relay, the spinning went away, as did the continuous cranking.
An initial diagnosis would seem to indicate the starter on yours is
in need of repair. Sometimes if a tooth or more are worn in the
starter, and the starter happens to be at rest while those teeth
should be engaged, the whole sproket spins, causing (a) no start
catch and (b) F1 engine rev noises ;-)
I know some of you will begin to think I see the fuel pump relay as
the fix to all ailments....bless its little heart.
RE:  ISV.  Did the remove and clean last night.  Seemed to bring up
the idle temporarily.  Looks like either an electrical thing (I'm
pretty lame with these) or the new ISV replace is next.  Also need to
replace the OXS sensor.  Not really even sure if it has been replaced
since 60k miles.  I have a feeling the last fellas to "fix" the car
simply turned the light off...but then came the internet.  At 218k it
prolly needs at least a looksy.
RE:  Passat cup-holders.  Going to try and purchase one today.  Can't
wait to have a place to put those drinks.  It'll give me a chance to
tighten up the e-brake handle now too.
Derek out
86 VW Qtm Syn
San Mateo, CA