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RE: Syncro Problem..Help

Sounds like the starter solenoid is going. The solenoid is what pushes
the starter gear (which you hear spinning) into contact with the teeth
on the outside of the flywheel, causing the starter to spin the motor.
Dead solenoid = starter spins but does not engage, symptoms of which you
gave a pretty good description.
-Ian Duff.
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	Ok guys, I'm gonna try to explain this.  When I go to turn the
key, 70%
	of the time the engine starts, the other 30% something wierd
	like there's no spark.  Nothing happens except for the
flywheel(I think
	it's the flywheel) just spins.  All that happens is some kind of
	just spins loud almost as if the fan turns on, but I know it's
not the
	fan.  It must be something wrong with the Ignition.  Is it
	timing, is the whole thing just goin bad?  I hope you guys
	this problem and can give me some guidence before I start rippin
	apart with the help of my Bentley.
	                    TIA, Dreux


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