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Re: recaros in ur-quattros

my (20v) ur-q has recaros (unlabeled) as does the rs2 (labeled)...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

..>><< In a message dated 97-08-22 20:10:56 EDT, someone wrote:
..>>< And, in a message dated 97-08-24 16:19:45 EDT, Kwattro@aol.com opined:
..>>< I know this sounds dumb, but most european cars had and still have recaro
..>>< seats.  I wouldn't consider this a super option, considering the only other
..>>< interior available was full cloth recaro interior.  Oh well, just my
..>>< thinkings...
..>>Indeed, it does sound dumb.  Keiper Recaro was certainly too small a firm to
..>>supply "most European cars" with their fine seats. If Recaro had half the
..>>market share falsely attributed to them, they probably wouldn't have had to
..>>sell off major chunks of the firm to a mega-manufacturer of seats from the
..>>U.S. (Leaving Recaro GmbH to carry on, on a much smaller scale)