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Re: 83 urq problems

In a message dated 97-08-27 00:54:01 EDT, you write:

<< 0-60  8.7 sec.
 0-70  11.09  These seem to be a little slow.
 50-70 4th gear 5.5
 50-70 5th gear 9.4
 60-80 5th gear 11.1
 60-80 4th gear 7.9 >>

I'd say they seem overly slow.  According to my friends stopwatch (granted,
not super acurate...) I'd be pulling identicle 0-60 times and slightly faster
(10.5) 0-70 times in my 1.8 8v GTI.  I would certainly think that a car with
said modifications would be pulling MUCH stronger than that off the line.
 The 1980's euro Ur-Q pulled low to mid  7's off the line, something this car
should easily keep up with.  Also, my 4000 starts fine, but it won't idle for
a few minutes....due to a vacumme problem in the closed loop, which solves
itself in the open loop.  Perhaps this is a similar problem?  

Carter Johnson