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RE: More struts

	>Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 08:46:28 -0600
	>From: Larry Smeins <lsmeins@ball.com>
	>Subject: More struts

	>The shop that did the repair, the only one out
	>there in the boonies, replaced the strut assembly with a strut
	>that didn't match the nearly new KYBs that I had in it.  I
found a
	>significant difference in temperature dependence between the
KYB and
	>whatever they used.  When hot the two struts seemed reasonably
	>matched but when cold the replacement became rock hard while
the KYB
	>only stiffened slightly.  I'm really interested in what brand
	>body shop put in and I'll know tonight.  If its one of the more
	>brands discussed here I'll report tommorrow.

	>If you don't care where you are., you ain't lost.

Well, now I know what that strut is.  It has an Audi 4 ring symbol and
part number on it.  For me, I prefer the KYBs over the stock struts,
based on having one of each on opposite sides of my car.  When I was
first introduced to KYBs they were represented as the best shock/strut
per $.  I think that is still the case for me.  If I were looking at the
best strut, to hell with cost, I'd be buying Bilsteins or Konis.