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Re: headlights on 93 90q

Elliott Potter wrote:

> Hmmmm...
> That's kind of weird.  What order do you do this?  Is it 1)parking
> brake
> then 2)attempt to turn off headlights?  And then the headlights won't
> turn off?  If so try the opposite order.  There's a rather large (I'm
> pretty sure it is, anyway) relay that controls most of the lights--you
> might check it out.
> Elliott, I would never have thought of checking the order of which I
> turned off my lights and pulled my e brake but I will try it, it
> sounds just quirky enough to be an Audi "twist". Thanks, I will tell
> you how it comes out. BTW, the relay is fine.

93 90sq (stock as it gets)