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Re: 93 90sq cruise control tempermental

     Mine does this all the time, ever since I bought it in March.
     A few things have been suggested to me:
     1. Trace the vacume lines to see if there is a leak in them. The line 
     starts at the top of the pedals, and goes into the engine compartment.
     I did this and didn't find anything unusual
     2. It could be the controller. It is located in the engine 
     compartment, on the left side, toward the back, and is mounted with 
     three bolts, fairly easy to get to, the vacume lines end here.
     I don't know how to test it, so I don't know if it's the problem
     3. It could be the switch. This is the switch that controls the cruise 
     on the steering wheel, I hear that its easy to replace, but requires 
     that the air-bag and steering wheel be removed. I don't want to mess 
     with the air bag, so I havn't done this.
     Over all, I hardly ever use my cruise controll, so it hasn't been a 
     major concern of mine write now.
     If you fine out anything let me know, I would like to get it fixed.
     Matt Daniels
     93 90S 42k miles.
     anyone have a cruise control that does this?
     1) works fine for awhile then just shuts off for no reason (that i can
     2) wont turn on again unitll it feels like it. I turn it iff and on
     fequently and fiddle with the switch but i don't think this helps
     3) it seems to do this when a car approachs ( at night) or there is a
     bright light ahead of me
     4) it does do this during the day but considerably less ( it seems)
      any ideas I would really apreciate, it is really annoying esp. on 
     - --
     Paul Dansereau
     93 90sq (stock as it gets)