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Re: 2WD v. AWD

AWD Vehicles (mass produced? depends on your definition) follow:
Toyota Land Cruiser, AMG Hummer, Lexus LX-450, ovloV v70 AWD, Range
Rover, Some 4wd Subaru's and most Audi Quattro's. (Does the A3 Q exist?)
Sorry Synchro guys, you are viscous.
The ovloV uses ECT as does the AWD Subaru Legacy and Impreza. Lower Suby
models are viscous.
Note: there are lots of 4wd vehicles calling themselves AWD which are
not really AWD.

Elliott Potter wrote:
> Isn't this the way the new ovloV AWD works?  And the urabuS?  I was
> under the impression that as of now quattro is the only *mass produced*
> full-time AWD and the others just use a viscous-coupling method that
> splits power at about 95% front /5% back.
> Elliott
> >In message <81F5B4420179440F@mail.co.albemarle.va.us> Mark Trank writes:
> >
> >> Can anyone give me a quick and definitive response to the following:  a
> >> local mechanic recently opined to me that the quattro system operates (in
> >> normal mode) in front-wheel drive; only when activated (i.e.,
> >> differential activated) does the four wheel drive mode kick in.
> >
> >I recommend you find another mechanic.
> >
> >(Though there _are_ systems that work like this.  Not on Audis, though.)
> >
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> > Phil Payne
> > Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club
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