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20v NA Distributor Fix

Here is the distributor noise fix that was posted by(I believe)
Bob D'Amato a year or two ago.

SYMPTOMS: Engine makes a strange 'rattle' noise when you blip the
throttle, heard most predominantly when the rpms fall from +- 2000 rpm back down to idle.

DISTRIBUTOR #: 034 905 205J from 90-91 Coupe Quattro and 90-91 90 Quattro

1) Mark the general direction the rotor is pointing. Timing is done by the computer, so you dont have to be too exact.

2) Remove distributor.

3) Hold shaft by cam gear and move parallel to shaft (end play) this is your noise.

4) Drive out Clevis pin holding on cam gear CAREFULLY. Cam gear is
plastic and breaks easily. (Experience talking here...)

5) Add high quality washer/spacers between the cam gear and the body of the distributor, until there is no more play.

6) Put cam gear back on, drive in Clevis pin.

7) Put distributor back in car.

NOTES: I uses very thin stainless washers to get the right spacing. You dont want it too tight, the distributer must turn freely.