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RE: MB 600 in Princess Diana wreck

At 09:16 AM 8/31/97 -0700, you wrote:
><<Wall-to-wall hypocrisy on the television this morning, as sycophantic
>journalist after sycophantic journalist mouths platitudes about how she
>was 'harrassed day and night' by journalists.>>
>That seems to be the general topic of conversation among our news medias
>as well.  In a way, it isn't surprising that the media may have had
>something to do with her death.

It amazes me how the media seems to be catching the blame...it was the
passengers of the car who made the decision to try to allude the press.
The only ones to blame are Dodi and Princess Di, there is no way that
the driver made the decision to allude the press at high speed without
their approval.   This accident speaks a lot about common sense and
wearing your seat belt.  If you look closely at the car, given the
impact, it performed quite admirably.  What a shame to die just
because you didnt want your picture taken.

And no, quattro would not have helped.  Quattro is not designed to
correct for stupidity...if your going to fast for given conditions,
you are going to lose control.