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A8 unimpressed

> Audis have traditionally been conservative, but i think that the A8 is a
>of Amish overkill.  If I honestly had the choice between a 740i (or a 540i
>...speed), the E420 merc, the A8 audi,  and a VW Passat Syncro VR12 (you
>know...) I'd be hard pressed to chose the Audi, based completely on
> Hopefully the S8 will rectify the styling needs.  Blast away, A8

If you want to see the difference, drive them. If you want the police to
chase you around, drive a flashier car. 
Not too many people (ie. POLICE)  I pass on the highway know what this car
can do, especially a black A8.
That amish overkill styling gets you .29 cd and very quiet at speed.  In
non-optimal driving conditions,
 I have the same as those other cars plus the quattro system with self
locking torsen center dif.
Style wise the S8 only has an extra badge and 18 in wheels.

Pat O'Malley