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Idle problem SOLVED -Reply

In message <s4055847.046@SMTPGW.MITSUICOMTEK.COM> Derek Daily writes:

> [ISV]  Take it off, make up a harness using two 3mm male spade
> terminals opened  up slightly, apply 4.5v to 6v on and off to the
> terminals to bang the actuator  up and down, and spray through some
> carburettor cleaner.  Bosch's instructions  have an underlined
> comment that the plunger/disc should _NOT_ be touched with  any
> implement.
> Let say for example, one does NOT utilize such preventive measures.
> Should one expect replacement of ISV to be a common & practical (C&P)
> solution?

It's a pretty robust piece of kit.   In theory, it's metering clean
and warm air, so it shhould last for ever.

In practice, it sees oil (from the breathers) and petrol (sucked out of
the bottom of the metering head - see the inside of the air mass sensor
at the metering head end) and tends to clog.  It will see more of both
with an old engine.  I would say it's a 30k mile service item from 90k
miles onwards for a good clean - its life is probably indefinite.  I've
only seen dirty and clogged ones - never a broken one.

 Phil Payne
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