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Re: Can Am and Audi

The connection of Porsche and Audi in regard to the 917- Audi was
something completely unknown to Americans at the time, so someone (Jo
Hoppen, I think) thought that the image should be connected with the
all-conquering Can-Am racer. Until the advent of Porsche Cars North
America in around 1985, Porsche was always "dualed" with Audi at the
dealership level by VWoA. This is why most if not all Audi dealers are
also Porsche vendors- The name was Porsche+Audi as on the 917, and the
slogan in late '70s was "nothing even comes close". The only contribution
from Audi for the 917 was indeed marketing...


1987 5000 Turbo

ps About five years ago, I found a 924 with a blown engine and(the same
week)  a complete
Audi MC turbomotor- if it had fit, I might have had the only real
"Porsche+Audi"- but considering the amount of VW/Audi componentry already
there, it was pretty close:)